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    Zhongshan city love Shi De Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Dongfeng Town - Zhongshan city China home appliances industrial base, is one of the most growth range hood, electric water heater manufacturers China. Strategic positioning of the company to a professional OEM/ODM side suction hood, electric water heater manufacturer.

    Love Shi De electrical appliance has a professional talent, strong technical force, sophisticated manufacturing equipment. The company covers an area of nearly 10000 square meters of modern workshop, equipped with advanced production equipment and modern production line, and is equipped with advanced R & D, testing, laboratory equipment. Ensure that the love Shi De appliances to create first-class quality products.

    Love Shi De appliances to professional OEM/ODM production strategy oriented to manufacturing, high standard, high-quality products as the standard, the technical innovation, has introduced more environmental protection and energy saving products. Love Shi De electrical products have passed the national 3C certification, the company strictly in accordance with the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and national standard range hood, electric heater implementation of enterprise management and the quality policy.

    Love Shi De appliances for many well-known brand nationwide to provide side suction hood, electric water heater OEM/ODM manufacturing, won a good reputation in the market. Love Shi De appliances has always been to "provide high quality products and service for customers" for the purpose, and our partners hand in hand, create a better future.



    Love Shi De kitchen appliances enterprise culture:

    Love Shi De corporate logo is a "ASD" three English mother's image, but also love Shi De three word the first letter of parallel composition. Look concise, clear, especially love Shi De three words in red as the bottom, resulting in a strong visual effects, highlighting the love Shi De is Chinese people's own brand this image.

    Chinese "love" word is love of Italy, is the core of corporate logo. The company to "manufacturing kitchen health product, improve the quality of human life" for the lofty historical mission. Also reflects the company's "build in twenty-first Century Chinese people's own kitchen brand" national love, also reflects the earnest care companies to provide a better life for the masses of staff.

    Chinese in "official" refers to the ability of people, reflects the company's principles of the people. To recruit more capable personnel to achieve the vision of enterprise blueprint.

    Chinese of "de" was intended to comply with nature, society, and human needs to do. Company to "good faith" to the road, to inspire the staff actively, peace for the enterprise to create high-quality products and enterprise culture. These three words are closely connected, close.

    And corporate logo in English combined expression of enterprises not only have to do the domestic well-known brand, more to do the kitchen brand China people themselves as far as the target.




    Service Hotline
    +86 400-8838-570